What results can I expect from GWA Marketing?

GWA Marketing Solutions is keen to build its brand through recommendations and referrals; in fact approximately 90% of business is currently obtained as a direct result of a referral. Our customers have results that speak for themselves, which help to both demonstrate our commitment, and strengthen our brand.
I am a small organisation. How can GWA Marketing Solutions help me get started?
GWA Marketing Solutions knows all about the trials and tribulations that a small organisation faces and is sensitive to your needs. Contact us for information on our business start-up package, which is ideal for new businesses.
I have a website but I want to know how I can make it work for me. Can you help me achieve this?
You are not alone – many people build websites because they somehow feel they ‘should’, but then have no idea how to make the most of them. We can show you how by looking at your objectives and then helping you find the best solutions for achieving them.
How soon can I expect to see results within the search engine rankings as a result of your efforts?
This will vary as optimisation does take time to filter through into actual improved listings; however, GWA Marketing test, monitor and track our activities in order to provide tangible evidence of our results.
There are lots of companies offering SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services. How do I know whom to trust?
GWA Marketing operates within strict SEO code of conduct. This means that we do not adopt unethical practices that could make you fall foul of the search engines and ultimately result in you being blacklisted. Though we have no control over search engine changes, we keep up to date, so are able to respond accordingly.
Could you show me how to optimise my site so that I can do it myself?
The process of optimising a website has various stages; whilst we can provide you with a checklist of general points to be aware of, advanced optimisation becomes more complicated and time consuming, hence we recommend that we perform this ourselves.
What additional reasons are there for me utilising GWA Marketing?
GWA Marketing Solutions have a global network of experts that may be called upon to help find the best solution for you, whatever your requirements.
It seems pretty easy to set up a Google Campaign – why would I need further advice?
Many people have spent a fortune on Google Adwords and are often left out of pocket once the cost of clicks has been deducted from any revenue generated (if revenue generation is the goal). GWA Marketing Solutions can guarantee that we will improve your campaign results, or else give you your money back.
I am keen to run a localised campaign, but I’m unsure how to go about this. What can I do?
You can speak to us. GWA Marketing are qualified and experienced in running local as well as international campaigns to meet your objectives the most effective way possible.
Our company has built a website to which we now wish to add full ecommerce functionality – how do we go about this?
Again, GWA Marketing can provide you with the right solution based on your needs. Contact us for a free consultation to establish your requirements.