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Want to maximise your profits online? You’ve come to the right place…

GWA Marketing offer a number of online marketing tools, techniques and strategies designed to assist you market online more effectively.

Marketing Consultancy and Training

Whatever your marketing or online needs, GWA Marketing will be able to assist you along the way.

Contact us today for further information and a quotation.

Google Adwords Training

GWA Marketing will not only teach you the fundamentals, but also help you along the way with a £credit to get you started with your first campaign

GWA Marketing will help you set your objectives, your budget, timeframes within which you want to achieve results, and assist you in selecting the most appropriate and profitable keywords.

Once you are armed with the required information, you may of course, refer back to us at any time with questions should you run into difficulties. We cover, among many things:

  • Effective Google Adwords design
  • Improving ROI
  • How to select the most profitable, targeted keywords for your business
  • Keeping up to date with ongoing Google updates
  • Testing, monitoring and tracking your results
  • How to improve the performance of your keywords

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